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Cloud seems to be a trending buzzword that gets thrown around a lot these days but, for good reason as the technology can make a business far more agile than most people think.

Adopting cloud technology makes it possible to lose expensive and cumbersome servers, allows your team to work from anywhere and provides reinvention to solutions we have been using for a long time.

Move your documents, software and inbox
to security of the cloud with Office365

Office365, access your data wherever you are

With Office365 cloud services wherever your team are, online or offline, they can access and work with the most up-to-date versions of the files and tools they need to get things done. Consisting of rich revolutionary features Office365 has been reinvented for the cloud enveloping managed business-class email, online document storage and file sharing bundled with the familiar office suite you know and use every working day.

Office 365



One of the easiest ways in which to start your migration journey to Office365 for your business is with email. Providing these services in house places a reasonable load on a server, this can be significant especially when your hardware is ageing. To reclaim some capacity and performance there is a good argument to move your email into the cloud.



With the average person now owning 7 devices connected to the internet, in 2014 the number of devices exceeded the number of human beings living in the UK. Microsoft understand this and allow up to 5 desktop/laptop devices as well as additional licensing for mobiles included per subscription on most of their Office365 plans.



Traditionally purchased when buying new PC, Microsoft Office licensing would live and die with the equipment on which it was supplied and installed. The advantage of a subscription model is that you are able to transfer licensing from one machine to another. You will never need to purchase another license again.

Minimise your
on-premise IT through
the power and security of Azure

As an accredited Microsoft Solutions Partner, axisfirst can provide enterprise level cloud solutions; from shared drives to complete virtual environments and data hosting.

With incredible up time and availability let us take the complexity out of your working day with a solution that just works from wherever you are.

Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Hybrid Systems

Have the best of both worlds

Take your business to the cloud while keeping user management firmly on the ground with a hybrid system. Make your data accessible from anywhere while maintaining a traditional infrastructure with a smaller agile footprint.

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