Technology is evolving and developing all the time, keeping pace with these changes can be challenging. Deciding on physical or virtual technology, onsite or cloud hosted, capital expenditure or leasing can make choosing a server a daunting task for any business owner.

Understanding the benefits of one versus another and how one technology enables you to achieve one thing and the other enables you to achieve something else makes the decision that much easier.

Technical experts in data infrastructure

Understanding your business IT requirements

By working closely with you to understand your business, the current challenges and your plans for growth, expansion or even relocation our Technical team can design, implement and support the most appropriate server technology and architecture to meet your requirements.



Data storage and management, whatever your size of digital footprint

Businesses are generating content at a faster rate than ever and whilst this used to be the humble Word document or Excel spreadsheet, now the digital world consumes images, video and music. Managing data is now more challenging as this often needs to be accessed remotely and increasingly on the move. Whether it is cloud storage or network attached storage we can design a solution specifically around your requirements.

Storage networks

Storage Area Networks

In its simplest form, a storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated network for data storage with automatic monitoring and backup. A SAN is a combination of hardware and software grown out of data-centric architectures such as those historically used in mainframe computing. As the need to scale storage capacity developed from disk arrays to LAN based storage so did the demand on network bandwidth and the need to access shared storage from multiple devices.


Network attached storage

Network Attached Storage

Versatile and relatively inexpensive, this technology is commonly used as a repository for non-critical data or as an onsite backup target. Often containing an array of hard disk drives, these devices are connected directly to your local area network and have a degree of fault tolerance / redundancy built in.

Online storage

Online Storage

Once just a fast and efficient means of storing large personal files, today it is a way of life with most individuals having a Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive account. The same is true of businesses; Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft OneDrive for Business have emerged as online repositories for Microsoft Azure with tools like Microsoft Delve to help track and search across your digital landscape. With many Office365 plans including in excess of 1TB online storage it is very much part of many SME’s IT strategies.


You can invest in the latest and greatest IT system but if your data cabling is not properly installed, correctly managed and riddled with bottlenecks then it is like trying to drive a luxury sports car on a pothole filled road. Our cabling team work with both CAT5 / CAT6 structured cabling as well as Gigabit Fibre cable and can supply, test and terminate with a 25 year guarantee on all installation work.

Having fully managed network switch equipment can help identify faults, segregate traffic via VLANs, manage bandwidth and provide fault tolerance options. Configurations can be centrally managed and push out to multiple devices managed and monitored via a simple web browser. This can make a real difference to the performance and reliability of your network infrastructure.

Finally, it is important to have a secure hardware firewall solution to protect the perimeter of your network, this can be inbuilt into your internet router or can be a dedicated appliance. It is essential to lock down your system but at the same time not to throttle your productivity and ability to operate your business. This is where a networking specialist can add value to your IT investment to provide maximum protection but maintain optimum performance and connectivity.



We all live in a connected world; checking emails, replying to customer enquiries, checking bank balances and paying bills on the move is considered the norm. But as we expect instant feedback, acknowledgement of orders and online chat from the companies we transact with it is now a requirement to conduct business wherever and whenever we can.

Visitors to your premises will expect you to provide a WIFI connection to allow them to carry on with their business commitments. Couple this with any potential candidates looking to work in your organisation expecting to be able to connect to the company WIFI with their own devices.

Not only do you need to ensure data security, you also need to manage expectation whilst balancing performance. Poorly managed or poorly performing WIFI is bad for business, our infrastructure team can conduct a full WIFI survey to identify cold spots, interference and low bandwidth areas and can recommend and advise how to better utilise or upgrade existing equipment.


CCTV, the most credible eye witness

Your safety is a worthy investment and CCTV is your best line of defense

The latest technological advances helped these systems to become more affordable, reliable and effective, making them the preferred security method for businesses.

CCTV not only protects your business premises but also your staff, stock and intellectual property with the latest in HD IP camera technology capable of transmitting High Definition footages across both public and private networks, 24/7. You can record the footages to DVRs or NVRs and view them from a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, Skype as well as laptop and desktop computers. The remote access facility gives you greater control, while night vision & motion detection increase security.

Whilst the surveillance industry may have been relatively late to enter the digital era over the past five years, it has quickly positioned itself at the forefront of “smart” technology. High Definition CCTV systems are revolutionising the security market

Our CCTV specialists are on hand to design the right solution for your security needs.

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