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Windows 11, Microsoft 365, Chat GPT, Google Workspace, Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Teams

In addition to our successful cyber security awareness training we also provide our customers a bite-sized eLearning platform called Bigger Brains. The purpose of this is to help small and medium business owners and their employees to be more productive.

Through practical techniques and acquiring new skills, the training enables you to accomplish more in less time utilising the very latest software from technology giants such as Microsoft, Google, Adobe and others.


How does that help you and your team?

The provided library of training courses broken into 5-15 minute modules, so busy professionals can find just the training they need right when they need it.  By storing all these things in their “Bigger Brain” we free them up to focus more on their job.  If you want to acquire a new skill you can take a complete course one module at a time and receive a certificate at the end or you can just take one module a day to keep your skills fresh and learn new techniques to be more productive.


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Uniquely Engaging Course Structure

•    Courses are designed and based on the latest research about retention and effective learning. Courses mirror an ideal class atmosphere with a master teacher, a learner, questions, discussion, and more.
•    Students can take the training whenever it’s convenient, from any computer or tablet, in bite-sized modules.
•    The purpose of each course is to educate and inform you, the learner – by expanding your knowledge and honing your practical, real-life skills. Each course works to maintain interest and facilitate your transformation so that you have increased abilities and capacity to get things done.
•    The visual and verbal focus is on communicating the content. The learner’s questions are purposeful and indicate enthusiasm born of interest. Finally, the greatest indicator of our success is that we help you achieve your goals.
Each course designed to engage the mind and each course segment meticulously composed to deliver valuable content in precisely the right sequence.

All courses are filmed in a professional studio with two people on screen – a Teacher and a Learner. By switching between a screen recording or graphics and the Teacher/Learner dialogue and questions, we keep the student’s attention and help facilitate better knowledge transfer.

What makes this training unique?
•    Teacher/Learner Format:  The courses feature two on-screen personalities, a “Teacher” and a “Learner” to create engaging, entertaining dialogue-based courses built using the latest in learning theory techniques and research.
•    “Acquire or Access” Strategy:  The courses are designed in 5 to 15 minute modules, making it easy for students to take training courses during breaks in their busy, multi-tasking schedule.  Students can choose to Acquire new knowledge by completing a course or just to Access the knowledge they need when they need it by using our search engine to find the module they need. Courses are accessible from any internet connected PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and almost all web connected devices.

Professional eLearning Instructors

Courses are presented by the finest instructors for each subject. The selection process ensures that instructors will provide content in a way that is engaging, practical, and immediately accessible. After a single 10 minute segment a learner will walk away with valuable skills that will improve performance.

Each course instructor offers profound knowledge and insight in a format that puts you in an active learning mode and of course, since it is a recorded course, you can rewind and review any portion of a course whenever you want.  Finally, courses that are not only on the subjects that you need to master but they are taught in a way that is interesting, fun and directly applicable to what you do every day.

You are in control of your learning and the benefits are immediate and lasting.

Windows 11 Essentials (2024) Course Sample



Award winning eLearning courses to upscale your team

•    Web-Based E-Learning
•    Mobile Friendly (iPad, iPhone, & Android)
•    Uniquely Entertaining, Research-Based Teacher/Learner Format
•    5-15 minute Modules for “At Your Convenience” Learning Sessions.
•    Multi-camera HD Video & Audio.

•    On-demand - Bigger-Brains is revolutionising online training by providing high-quality, on-demand training for a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom training.  
•    Searchable content - Learn skills right when you need them with our easily searchable 10-minute training module format.   
•    Engaging material - Produced in a multi-camera professional studio and our engaging Teacher/Learner style means students stay engaged with the material and enjoy learning.


Your subscription includes courses in:
•    Windows 11
•    Microsoft 365 and Office 365
•    Microsoft Teams and Zoom

•    Google Workspace

•    Chat GPT and AI
•    Communication Skills
•    Presentation Skills



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