All businesses rely on reliable and uninterrupted internet to operate in today’s digital age. The thought of being offline for anything more than a few minutes can be frustrating and stressful. But what if there was a flexible, cost-effective technology that could provide peace of mind backup and fit in the palm of your hand?

Here are 7 reasons why you might want to consider a backup internet connection.


Disruption and Downtime


A backup in the form of 4G/5G fixed IP SIM card enables you to maintain essential online operations during network downtime. Internet service outages can occur for a variety of reasons, such as cable breakage, infrastructure faults, power cuts and more. Having a backup connection means your business can minimise disruption and downtime and continue whilst avoiding the potential lost productivity, revenue or customer experience.


Speed and Bandwidth


4G and 5G networks enable fast and efficient data transfer over remarkable speeds and bandwidth. In some cases, they even outperform traditional wired connection speeds in geography where ADSL or Broadband is the only service available in the area. Users experience high-speed connectivity, smoother online operation and reduced latency making for an all-round happier workforce.




Freedom is also another major benefit for businesses that operate remote working, temporary office locations or multiple offices. With 4G or 5G connections can easily be set up or moved giving users the freedom to roam and move freely between environments. Being a fixed IP means that the settings change dynamically without complicated configuration every time.


Cost Effective


The installation and maintenance costs of high-speed wired connections can be significant, especially in poor bandwidth areas. In contrast, implementing a 4G or 5G connection could offer substantial cost savings over leased line circuits. Businesses that can eliminate the need for costly infrastructure can better utilise their budget elsewhere.


Disaster Recovery


Business can experience prolonged downtime caused by natural events such as storms, lightning strikes, flooding, etc. without any form of internet access whatsoever. With a 4G/5G backup you can maintain critical operations even during such emergencies and minimise the impact to your customers and employees. Communication and conversation can continue whilst you run on disaster recovery processes until your primary internet connection is restored.

Fast, Effective Deployment


Traditional wired networks involve extensive planning, construction and co-ordination between multiple parties which often translate to a few weeks or months lead-time for deployment. By comparison, mobile connections require a router, SIM card and in some cases an external antenna which can be deployed in just a few days making them an ideal solution for organisations requiring a near-immediate solution or temporary internet access.



If a business experiences sudden growth or shrinkage traditional wired connections typically tie a business into a lengthy contract of 3, 5 or 7 years which means it is not always easy to increase or decrease bandwidth. 4G and 5G networks are more dynamic and reactive so can be more agile allowing companies to have the flexibility to scale up or scale down to accommodate seasonal fluctuation, change in market demand or reallocation of resources at short notice.


In Summary

If you wish to safeguard your business operations, it is wise to explore the backup capabilities that 4G and 5G fixed IP SIMs offer you. The ability to maintain connectivity when your primary internet service is not working enables you to deliver services to your customers and keep your workforce productive. This technology provides agile and reactive response to ever changed needs and for a relatively inexpensive cost.

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